Thursday, November 25, 2010

Timulo is Go!

Cover to Timularo: The Collected Timulo Strips from Deadline Magazine
Copyright © 1984-2010 Me.

As of this morning, Timularo (The Collected Timulo) is available to buy on For more info, check out "D'Books of 'Israeli," which gives info on all the stuff I'm putting out myself (up there on the right, below the header, see?).
Also, preview pages from Timularo in this post (scroll down a bit).

(These reprints have led a number of people to ask the old question, "Does Molly Eyre really exist?" Well, I'd not seen her for a while, so I rang her up today, asked the question straight out, and sure enough, she confirmed that she doesn't exist. Hope that clears it up.)

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