Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ego Scan Complete

From A History Of 2000AD in Five Pages by Robin Smith (plus sampled artists)
2000AD Prog 1526 (30th Anniversary Special)
Copyright © 2007 Rebellion/2000AD

Prog 1526, marking 2000AD's 30th anniversary, somehow didn't seem quite the big production I'd expected, despite containing some lovely Ian Gibson Dredd and the welcome return of Simon Fraser to Nikolai Dante.

There was, it's true, a certain amount in there for the nostalgic; a Flesh prequel by original team Pat Mills and Ramon Sola, plus a welcome nod to 2000AD's dafter days with a Tharg strip, entitled A History of 2000AD in Five Pages. Of course, it's possible I find it so welcome because both Ian and I get a name check on the last page (under "new" talent). I can't help thinking it's ironic that a strip that celebrates the creators who made the comic great contains so may uncredited scans of said creators' art... though I suppose there's an argument that if they had tried to credit everyone, the credit box would have taken up more space than the story...

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