Sunday, February 25, 2007

Stickleback Part 9 References

I've been dreadfully lazy the last few days, but here are the references for Stickleback: Mother London part 9. Because the action takes place in established locations and no new characters are introduced, there are only a couple of new references:

Page Four: Gog And Magog

Gog and Magog's new incarnation as extensions of the giant tree, all wound around with roots and branches is an overt reference to the mythical figure of the Green Man - in fact, the idea is prefigured as early as the first panel of part one of the series, when the face of the Green Man appears on a milestone near the great oak.

Page Five: The Oak Connecting Earth, The Twins, The City And The People

This panel was my own clumsy homage to the work of Italian comic artist Sergio Toppi, whose beautiful, design-based, symbolic panel layouts are like the work of no other artist (though he had a considerable influence on the early work of Dave McKean).

Finally, the following panel (page 2 panel 2) doesn't contain any references, but I was really pleased with it, and wanted to show it off without the lettering:

Stickleback: Mother London is copyright © 2007 Rebellion/2dd
Created by Ian Edginton & Me.

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